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C3 grading LLC
3389 sheridan st
Suite #443
Hollywood FL 33021


Submission Terms & Conditions:

                C3 Grading LLC provides a detailed grading service and Hi Res Custom Design labeled slabs for all Card Collectors to enjoy, protect and Bring a higher Value to their card collection. At the current moment C3 Grading LLC does NOT Slab any cards thicker than 24pt in thickness. We currently do not Authenticate any On-Card or Sticker Auto's. C3 Grading LLC does NOT guarantee any authentication toward the submissions that are sent in. In order to protect the Hobby, our professional and experienced graders will do our best to spot any "Replica Cards" that are submitted to our offices. If any Non Authentic cards will be submitted we will refuse service to that individual card, and, if excessively submitted by the same customer, we will refuse future service to their account as well. 

By Sbmitting your cards to C3 Grading LLC, You are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.